How to Choose a Bathroom Vanity

If you are wondering how to choose a bathroom vanity here are some tips to help you.


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Width: The first consideration is the size of your vanity. Most vanities are built with a standard depth and height so unless you need something special the only factor to consider is the width of your new unit. This issue is as straightforward as it sounds but if your space is tight be sure to pay attention to the outside width of the case and the countertop.
Backsplash: Some vanities come with them and some don’t. If you order a vanity without a backsplash it’s a good idea to tile the wall.
Finishes: One of the developments we’ve seen over the years is that vanities come with more choices, including granite countertops and other options. Our large selection of vanities and easy to use filtering tools will help you find the perfect vanity. Be careful with some countertops such as marble. Marble looks wonderful but can stain over time without maintenance.
Cabinet Material: Most vanities are made with solid wood or medium density fiberboard. MDF is an engineered product commonly used in furniture. Solid wood generally offers higher quality construction but MDF is usually less costly and can help keep a project budget down.
Pre-attached Countertops: You can order vanities with and without. Vanities that come without countertops offer you more combination choices. At Corbel Universe we think that vanities with attached tops and sinks are much easier for the do-it-yourself project. You don’t have to make sure the separate components fit properly and you don’t have to mount the countertop or sink. Vanities with pre-installed tops can be heavy so save your back and plan to have help to move it!
Sinks: Under mount sinks create a nice look and make clean up a breeze. We love low maintenance!
And now for three bonus tips that are easy to miss:

#1: Granite counter tops are beautiful, durable and more affordable than ever. As you can see in this picture, most have very little room behind the faucet holes so you might need to buy a faucet set with a top pull drain stopper or a pop up drain stopper. If not, you might find your drain pull sitting snugly up against the wall or backsplash. Been there, done that, ordered a different faucet!







#2: Is there an air vent under the vanity? If so, buy one with legs and an open bottom to allow the air to flow from underneath. You might also pick up an air guide to help direct it into the bathroom.


#3: Sink and Drawer Position: On smaller vanities you may want to pay attention to the position of the sink and drawers. Do you want one with sink on the left and drawers on the right or the opposite? The example shown has the sink on the right and the drawers on the left. The design of your vanity can make a difference with some bathroom layouts .



















That’s it folks! We know you’ll love your improved bathroom décor after installing one of our vanities. Don’t forget about our other beautiful products for your home!


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Bryan Gray
Bryan Gray