Top Ten Options to Consider When Choosing Your Bathroom Vanity

There are a variety of decisions to be made when choosing your bathroom vanity. These are the ten biggest options to consider when selecting the vanity that's right for you.



 1. Width: The most important thing to consider when choosing your vanity is the width. Most vanities have a standard height and length, so that just leaves making sure that it will fit in the space provided. Be sure to pay attention to the extra size if your countertop has an overhang.


2. Backsplash: Most vanities have a backsplash of some sort, but if not, it is usually a good idea to tile your wall.


3. Material: Our vanities are commonly made with high quality solid wood or particleboard. Another option is MDF, which can stand changes in heat and humidity, while wood can be more solid.


4. Countertops & Finishes: There are a wide variety of finishes available on our website including cherry, oak, white and espresso. Also take a look at the countertop material, these include granite, marble, and many others. Keep in mind when selecting your vanity that marble can stain.


5. Pre-attached Countertops: You can have the option of either having your vanity come with a preattached countertop for an easy project, or you can get a separate countertop for a more personalized selection. Keep in mind that the separate components can be tricky to measure, and attached countertops can be heavy, but you can choose which one is the right fit for your home.



6. Sinks: Under mount sinks are easy to clean and maintain. They are also simple to install, while keeping a traditional feel. We also have overmount sinks, which make a striking impact, besides being inexpensive and easy to install. With a soft counter, such as marble, it can aid in protecting the integrity of your countertop, and your investment.


7. Drain Plugs: If you don't think you have enough space behind your faucet, you may need to buy a faucet set with a top pull drain stopper or a pop up drain stopper. There are many different styles that will complement any theme.



8. Air Vents: If your floor has an air vent in it, you will need to select a vanity with plenty of space for air flow.


9. Drawer and Cabinet Spacing: Make sure that all your drawers and cabinets are large enough and spaced in a way that will facilitate your needs. In many vanities, especially smaller ones, the placement alone can be enough to improve your bathroom design and layout. Be sure to pay attention to where you are placing your sink as well.


10. Hardware: A complementary hardware can perfect your bathroom design. Make sure the finish matches your color scheme and basic theme. You can find a wide variety at Simply Knobs and Pulls.


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