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Building your dream home

Have you ever seen kitchens with all the beautiful and elaborate carved woodwork? Have you wished you could recreate this in your own home? Well, now you can with the addition of corbels and decorative wood products.


What are corbels?

Corbels are beautifully designed carved pieces of wood giving substance and structure by framing a doorway, cupboards, using them on kitchen islands or accenting a stove alcove. You can turn a plain Traditional, Mediterranean or Cottage kitchen into a warm and stylish atmosphere or use them in the clean lines of the Shaker, Mission or Modern setting. They make great braces for a wall shelf or an impressive framed fireplace. Corbels can do it all as they come in a variety of styles and sizes, from short with scrolls to tall, plain and slim. I promise you there is something for everyone.


Corbel overview

Corbels come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Acanthus for the Mediterranean style home. Fleur-de-Lis works well with French and French Country. Art Deco, Traditional, Mission and Shaker are also very popular and work in a number of home styles. Their sizes range from 7” to an oversize 36” and they are perfect for face work and braces, use them with matched decorative wood mouldings to give that extra finishing touch.


Decorative Posts

From 3”X35 ½” to 3 ½”X42” these also come in many different styles. Plain turned, reed post, fluted, traditional, shaker, mission, modern stacked and acanthus. Use these for table legs or as an accent at the end of a kitchen island. You can even use them to spruce up the sides of a fireplace to produce a grand visual effect.

Ball & Claw Feet

Styles: Queen Anne and French. These make a great addition to a counter or kitchen island as these feet are an impressive 4 ½”X8” or 4 ½”X6”. They give the illusion of your cabinets being freestanding and can add a bit of flair to your French country style.


Bunn Feet

From square to tapered, plain to turned spiral, reed, leaf and crown and sizes from 3 ½”X 4 ½” to 5”X3” these will easily fit into any style and are sure to grab your attention.


Fireplace Columns, Onlays and Appliques

Everything you will need to enhance and beautify your fireplace. These pieces are all in a natural wood and ready to be installed and will be enhanced even more once they are painted or stained.


Caps are used as a header for columns and posts and give a grand expansion and eye appeal for every style from the elaborate acanthus to the clean lines of the classic.

Hand Carved Moulding

There are so many choices and styles in the mouldings, the acanthus, Fleur-de-lis, geometric, leaf, and grape. Then there is the Standard Crown and Rope Crown moulding each in various widths. The Rope moulding is available in the 1/4” half-round to an impressive 2 ½” half-round widths and all of the mouldings are 8’ in length. Pair these with corbels for a unified and overall finished appearance.

As I promised, something for everyone. All you really need now is to let your imagination and creativity go to work. Of course if you ever need any help, please call our toll free number 1-(800) 830-4563 or email us at company@corbeluniverse.com.