Oval Wired Rimmed Vessel Hammered Copper Sink in Electroless Nickel

Premier Copper Products

BRAND: Premier Copper Products

Introducing the Premier Nickel Line. Now you can have the handcrafted beauty of copper with the modern look of steel. But these aren't just any Nickel Plated sinks; these are Premier Plated using a highly specialized ElectroLESS Nickel Plating (ENP) process that provides both visual and functional durability.

Why is Premier Nickel so much better? We use only LEAD FREE ElectroLESS Nickel Plating (ENP) on our products. ENP is generally used for engineering application due to its properties, including: high wear resistance, high hardness, and corrosion protection. The deposit thickness (plating thickness) can be controlled very accurately only with ENP. The LEAD FREE nickel can be deposited uniformly throughout the sink when applied with ENP, which is critical to long term durability. This is a much more laborious and costly process, but is the only way to produce a truly uniform and durable Nickel Plated sink.

* Configuration: Oval
* Design: Hammered Copper Surface with Rigid Copper Wrapped Wire Rim
* Color: Electroless Nickel
* Inner Dimension 17" x 12" x 5"
* Outer Dimension: 17" x 12" x 5"
* Installation Type: Vessel, Above Counter
* Rim: Rigid Copper Wrapped Wire
* Countertop Depth Minimum: 15" Front to Back
* Material Gauge: Industry Best (17 Gauge or .0450")
* Drain Size: 1.5" Non-Overflow
* Faucet Mounting: Vessel Counter Deck Mount or Wall Mount
* Hand Made
* Composition: 99.7% Pure Recycled Copper Plated with Electroless Nickel
* Lead Free
* Packaging: Recycled Cardboard Box
* Warranty: Limited Lifetime

* Care Instructions

* Copper Sink Wax - Model: W900-WAX
* 1.5" Non-Overflow Grid Bathroom Sink Drain in Brushed Nickel - Model: D-207BN
* 1.5" Non-Overflow Pop-Up Bathroom Sink Drain in Brushed Nickel - Model: D-208BN

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